Happy Customers

JJ Hagelund
Wonderful atmosphere, staff is nice and helpful. Service was quick and the desserts were outstanding! Ceaser wrap! Yes they have energy drinks. Not just a coffee shop. 😉
Laura Kosinski
Had a great lunch sandwich at Gingersnaps today. The Simple Sandwich was delicious and the ingredients couldn’t be more fresh. House chips are yummy!
Logan Raschke
I love the food here. My favorite item is the tomato basil soup–it’s amazing. Their red velvet fraps are delicious too. Really awesome place!
Best lunch in town and they have a drive thru, if you’re in a hurry!
Jeremie Beecroft
My wife and I ordered thru GH and were pleasantly surprised on how good there sandwiches are. We had the pork pesto, and the turkey pesto both were delicious but we preferred the pork pesto. This was our first experience eating from Gingersnaps and it was through a delivery service and still enjoyed everything so this won’t be our last. Great job.
Kate Webster
Such a kind and generous owner! Thank you for your support of our efforts to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. The bake sale at Westminster Village was a huge success and residents LOVED the gingersnap cookies.
Jessica Buttiglieri
I went here for lunch and had the grilled Cuban with the house chips. The Cuban was great, Gingersnaps actually makes a true Cuban and doesn’t ruin it with mayonnaise or tomatoes. It had the perfect balance of ingredients of ham, pork, cheese, mustard, and a pickle relish. And the house chips were delicious, I was expecting plain chips but they’ve got a yummy seasoning which was delightful. The staff was very friendly. There’s not a huge amount of seating but there are two separate seating areas which is nice. I would definitely recommend trying out Gingersnaps!
Mel Strange
Amazing food, smoothies, and ice cream!
Awesome staff! 🤗